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Your Urban Forest Needs Help Now More Than Ever!

Yes, I want to help save the GreenWorks Nursery trees!

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In these uncertain times, Asheville GreenWorks remains committed to helping reforest Asheville and Buncombe County, so that we can ALL reap the benefits of clean air, healthy waterways, and access to nature in and around our urban spaces.

But the reality of COVID-19 has put this work in a challenging place. We have more than 1,000 trees in our nursery that must be cared for over the summer, many of which we planned to give away to local community members at our Spring Tree Giveaway that was scheduled for March.

Caring for young trees in the summer is a labor of love. They require daily watering, scouring for insects that can ravage our whole nursery operation, and making sure they're getting all the nutrients they need to survive the season. Our irrigation system requires constant monitoring, and with more trees to care for, we need additional materials and labor.

We typically rely on hundreds of volunteers to help us ensure proper care for the trees in our nursery. With COVID-19, we've lost this resource as well.

Again, we remain committed. But we need your help.

If you can, please consider a monthly recurring gift. By joining our monthly giving program, you'll help to ensure these critical community projects can weather any lean times in the future, while spreading out your financial commitment over a longer period.

Will you make a gift today — one that invests in the health, resilience and beauty of our urban forest for generations to come?