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Do TWICE As Much Good For Our At-Risk Trees!

Give by December 31 and Your Gift Will Be Doubled

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How Many Trees Can You Help Us Plant?

You have to be an old timer to remember what normal is for urban forests in this area. From satellite images, we estimate that just in the City of Asheville, we’ve lost over 18,000 trees in the last decade – to development, disease, pests, and old age ...

That has had a huge effect on the birds and animals that depend on our trees, as well as on our ability to prevent soil erosion and to keep our homes and neighborhoods cool. And the loss is especially painful this year, when so many of us needed to turn to nature to calm our frayed nerves.

Thankfully, caring people like you are saying “enough!”

Because you spoke up, the City of Asheville recently passed a new law that would require developers to either keep or replace every tree. The City Council heard your voice loud and clear, and now they’ve gone even further – to pass a Zero Net Loss Canopy Resolution ... to protect every tree on city property.

And we’re working with Buncombe County to protect even more of the treasured, irreplaceable trees we love!

All in, it costs us about $100 to care for a tree in its first year of life. Will you please help by making a much-needed gift today?

If you donate by December 31, a group of generous donors will DOUBLE your gift up to $25,000. So a donation of $50 will become $100. And a gift of $100 becomes $200!

Or, you can choose to spread out your gift over the entire year, and support our efforts year-round.

It’s going to take time and hard work to get back to normal in our communities. That’s why we're so grateful for your support. Thank you for being part of OUR community!