Help us #CleanAVL by fixing the Hominy Creek Trash Trout image

Help us #CleanAVL by fixing the Hominy Creek Trash Trout

$7,030 raised

$10,000 goal

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Hi there - it’s me, your Hominy Creek Trash Trout.

Some people call me TT for short. I’m almost 1.5 years old, but I’m not as strong as I once was. You may know about my older sibling, the Mud Creek Trash Trout, who is 2.5 and so strong and cool. Well, at first, everything was going great - see how good I looked?! I was doing my job of collecting trash and the GreenWorks staff and volunteers would come visit to check on me and clean me up.

Well earlier this year, I started getting really sick. The thing about where I live on Hominy Creek, is that not only was I catching litter, I was also catching a lot of runoff and sediment from further upstream in town. I wasn’t really ready for that and I started sinking! Luckily, my GreenWorks friends came and saved me with a big expensive crane - It sure was cold that day.

Once they cleaned out all of that dirt, I felt really good! I was back in action and doing my job. Maybe I still wasn’t as strong as I thought because THEN a few big storms came through and knocked off my gate. That gate is the most important part of me. I can gobble up lots of trash from the creek but that gate keeps it from getting back out. Without my gate, the trash just floats on through…

The good news is that my GreenWorks friends have a way to fix me, and make me just like my cooler, older, stronger, sibling Mud Creek. When they told me I would get a whole day devoted to just me, they called it #GivingTuesday, I just couldn’t wait to tell you my story! I miss the volunteers and I really, really, REALLY want to get back to work. I know that I can do a good job, too. Can you help me?