Our Urban Rivers Need Our Help!

Yes! I want to help keep trash from reaching our rivers.

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Yes! I want to help keep trash from reaching our rivers.

You’ve likely noticed more trash buildup in our community — including items like disposable masks and syringes. There are a few reasons why you’re seeing this now ...

In 2020, the North Carolina Department of Transportation had a budget shortfall. NCDOT is responsible for maintaining and cleaning their roads, but budget cuts shrunk the areas they could prioritize — as a result, their crews focused on cleaning the main roads. (NCDOT also cut funding that helped us obtain 18,000 litter collection bags a year.)

Social distancing meant we couldn’t run large volunteer projects. In 2020, we had less than a third of the volunteers we usually have for trash cleanups.

The Asheville area continues to grow. Even in the middle of the pandemic, thousands of people continued to move to Asheville and the surrounding counties.

But with your help, we’re preparing to put the worst of 2020 behind us and clean up our community! Can I count on you to be by our side?

One way we’re going to do this is by equipping our Streamkeepers. This is a group of more than 60 long-term volunteers that we’ve specially trained to protect our waterways.

These volunteers will deploy weekly to clean out and repair Trash Trouts, as well as create projects that meet our community’s emerging needs.

We’re also working to build more Trash Trout Jr.’s — a smaller version of the original — and get them installed in more creeks and tributaries. Going upstream means that we’ll be able to remove more litter before it pollutes the water and harms aquatic life.

The Jrs. are cheaper to build and easier to maintain than our big Trash Trouts. And we estimate they’ll last at least 10 years. Just think of the TONS OF TRASH they can collect in that time!

It’s ok if wearing waders or wrestling tires out of a creek isn’t quite your speed. There’s still a way you can help! Will you support local streams by making a gift today?

You can also choose to make your gift monthly, and join an exceptional group of people who help us to inspire, equip and mobilize more community members throughout the year while also enabling us to dream bigger and pursue longer-term, sustainable solutions to our biggest environmental challenges.

Your generosity will help equip the Streamkeepers with the gear they need to be safe and successful. It will get more Trash Trouts into the communities that need them — and more volunteers out on the roadside to pick up litter BEFORE it gets into our waterways.

2020 had far too many uncertain moments. This spring, please help turn our hope for cleaner streams into a reality with a tax-deductible gift to Asheville Greenworks.