Spring 2021 Tree Giveaway

April 18, 2021 @ 10:00AM — 2:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

This event is sold out!

Spring 2021 Tree Giveaway image

This event is sold out!

There are currently no tickets available for this event, but you can still make a donation.



This event is open to Buncombe County residents only and allows 1 tree per residential Buncombe County address. These trees do not meet size requirements for public spaces so please only register for your residential property. Contact chelsea@ashevillegreenworks.org with any registration questions. Donations accepted and deeply appreciated to support our Urban Forestry programs and community tree giveaways.

Review information for available species here!

Join us for our Spring 2021 Tree Giveaway! The City of Asheville alone saw a 6.4% decrease in our urban tree canopy from 2008 to 2018. That's 891 acres. With the recent passing of the Tree Canopy Preservation Amendment, we are closer to preventing the unnecessary loss of trees to development. Asheville GreenWorks is committed to the community goal of of restoring our urban canopy to 50% by 2040. That means we as a community will need to plant 2,500 trees per year. We gave away 780 trees at our 2020 Fall Giveaway - help us to plant even more!

Registration is required to select your species and pick up time for this drive-through style event. In order to keep our staff, volunteers, and community safe, we ask that you please wear a mask and maintain a distance of 6 feet from others when possible.

Thank you to Buncombe County Recreation Services, Gannett Foundation, Southeastern Native Plant Nursery, Pisgah Plants, K2 Irrigation, for making this event possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a tree?
A: The Spring Giveaway will be on Sunday, April 18th 10am-2pm at the Sand Hill Nursery at the Buncombe County Sports Park, 24 Apac Circle, Asheville. Registration for this event will open April 1st at 10am. You must register with a Buncombe County address and select a time slot for pickup on April 18th. Registrants may select 1 tree only. $10 suggested donation.

Q: Why can I only get one tree this time?
A: COVID-19 impacted several native growers which led to the closure of their operations. Additionally, many of our larger funders have restricted their giving for 2020/21.

Q: Why do I need to register for a pick up time? What if I get there late?
A: In order to prevent any interference with regular traffic, we cannot hold all attendees in the event space at once. Having your assigned pick up time will help us with that. We hope to move the event line quickly but should you get to the front after your assigned time because of a back up, you'll still be able to get the tree you registered for. Trees will not be available for pickup outside of the April 18th event.

Q: How big will my tree be when I pick it up?
A: Trees are 4 to 6 feet tall and in 3 gallon pots. Trees fit in most sedans. Consider having a tarp or towel laid down for soil spillage and wet pots.

Q: When should I plant my tree?
A: Right away. Please plant your tree as soon as possible and begin watering it weekly.These trees are used to being watered and cared for daily. They cannot remain in their containers without water for more than 2 days. For more information about planting your tree, please check out our tree planting and care video here.

Q: What about training?
A: Prior to April 18th, all participants will receive information about what to expect at the event and digital training information about tree planting and care.

Q: What should I do with the black plastic containers that my trees come in?
A: Please return your pots to GreenWorks Sandhill Nursery if they are in good shape -we will reuse them! Look for the “Return Pots Here” sign next to the nursery. Take any broken pots to a Lowe's Home Improvement location for free recycling. Do not put them in with your home recycling.

Q: Can I donate my trees to someone else or plant them at my school/church/etc?
A: This giveaway is funded and intended only for residential areas. These trees do not meet the size requirements for public areas. We use your registration information to track who is planting trees and where in Buncombe County. Please register only with your information and residential address for planting.

Tree questions? Try to *stump* our Community Forestry Coordinator Samantha Trueman. forestry@ashevillegreenworks.org